Penn’s Corner

Since 1999, farmer-owned Penn’s Corner Farm Alliance has provided locally grown fruits, vegetables, herbs, meat, dairy products and more to Pittsburghers through a cooperative that’s grown to include 30 regional farms and food producers.

To better serve retail and restaurant customers and educate others, they looked to logically combine their customer-facing website with their online farmstand.

GOAL | Explain the co-op and create a better user experience

We combined their two sites seamlessly. The top-line, more promotional main site educates users about Penn’s Corner. More detailed e-Commerce equipped product pages populate their online farmers’ market and CSA programs as well as their restaurant wholesale offerings.

GOAL | Simplify site architecture to make things easier to find

The original navigation featured a number of duplicated features directed at their different target audiences. We developed a streamlined site architecture with simple drop downs that remedied this issue and directed consumers, wholesalers and those seeking information to the custom content they were looking for.

GOAL | Make purchasing easy

We eliminated all barriers in the buying process and optimized the site by revamping the user experience and simplifying the architecture. We accomplished this efficiently by using the original site platforms since all necessary changes could be made without requiring a new platform or big design overhaul.

Check out the Penn’s Corner website and shop!

Check out the Penn’s Corner website and shop!


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