The Importance of User Research

The Importance of User Research

User experience or UX design has risen in popularity in recent years despite it’s always having been an important part of the user centered design process. This notoriety has increased its use by companies and organizations of a much smaller size and income level, but an essential part of the user experience process that is often overlooked and is typically first to be cut out of the design process is user research.

Items needed to start a website

We understand the a website redesign can be overwhelming, especially if your looking at a blank canvas. Start with these two simple items and it will start you on the right path.

RedTree Web Design is a 5 Star Partner

Getting client feedback is vital to our continued success. Getting input allows us to grow and provide better value for our current and future clients.

Using Animation Effectively on Your Website

It's important to carefully consider which elements on your site should animate. If everything moves, users can become confused, overwhelmed, or annoyed. Here are three questions to ask of your website animations.

Reflections on the decade

For the last days of this decade, I took some time and reflected on the last few years; really taking time to look back on the small and big of what has made me who I am today. The...

The Making of the Favorite Case Study Video

The first of every month RedTree posts on social media a video case study of Meesha explaining a recent project. These videos correspond to our online case studies in our portfolio and are meant to give our audience a...

RedTree Ranked Top Web Designer

We know that choosing the right web designer for your business can be a daunting task. With 63% of business marketers agreeing that Google is the new home page for their business, an attractive website is more vital that...

Craft CMS: an alternative to WordPress

At RedTree we’re always on the hunt for new and better tools, because every website is a little bit different and every client has unique needs. We’ve relied on WordPress for years to create a wide variety of websites...

Outdated Design

Here at RedTree we live, breathe and eat design. It's in everything that we do because it is so important. I’ve been talking about the importance of keeping your website up-to-date for 3+ years. Three years ago this might...

Site Architecture & Navigation Tips

One of the issues we work with our clients on most often is their site architecture. This, in its most simple definition, is the organization of a website. This organization is most obvious in a website’s navigation. The user...

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