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The New Normal of Working from Home: A Before and Now Snapshot

Although we are and have been since I started, a relatively small company, RedTree has always had an office space. Over time, the use of the office became more and more flexible. Our full-time developer is completely remote, and...

Listening to our Community

I recently talked about how our community was fighting against COVID-19 and the economic impact it was taking on our country but now we are faced with a new challenge. The Black Lives Matter movement.

Work smarter with ongoing updates to your website

I can’t tell you how many times I've talked to businesses and they have a laundry list of things that need to be done on their website. This list keeps getting longer and longer due to a lack of...

4 Tips for Successful Remote Teamwork

As COVID-19 forces us to stay indoors, many businesses have transitioned to operating remotely. The transition is easier for some teams than others. Here are some suggestions for successful remote teamwork that have helped us along the way.

How we launched an eCommerce site in 20 days

We launched a client's website in 20 days. It wasn't as complicated as you might think as long as we took the time upfront to get everything ironed out and troubleshooted. We broke down our process and how we...

How to Stay Relevant

It’s easy to say that this is a strange time. Never has my generation experienced a pandemic of this nature, mostly due to this virus’ ability to spread so easily. Quarantine measures and the consequential economic downturn has affected...

Our Community vs COVID-19

When we are faced with horrible situation, like COVID-19, you really start to see how strong the community you've built is. Even though we are still in the middle of dealing with this pandemic, and we have no idea...

The Importance of User Research

User experience or UX design has risen in popularity in recent years despite it’s always having been an important part of the user centered design process. This notoriety has increased its use by companies and organizations of a much...

RedTree Web Design is a 5-Star Partner

Getting client feedback is vital to our continued success. Getting input allows us to grow and provide better value for our current and future clients.

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