Webinar: Building Trust (& Conversions): The Power of Your ‘Meet the Team’ Page [Video]

In this informative webinar, a panel of experts delved into the essential aspects of creating compelling website team pages. The speakers covered various topics, including design and branding, photography, SEO, and copywriting. They emphasized the importance of team pages as a vital element in humanizing a brand, showcasing expertise, and converting visitors into customers.

The first speaker, Meesha Gerhart, founder of web design agency, provided valuable insights into the design and layout of team pages, highlighting the significance of a well-structured and visually appealing presentation. She also discussed the role of design in communicating a brand’s identity and using headshots to make a personal connection with website visitors.

Chad Isaiah, the second speaker, a professional headshot photographer, expanded on the importance of headshots and their role in conveying authenticity. He offered examples of different headshot styles that align with a brand’s identity, emphasizing the need for consistency and practicality when updating team pages as a company expands.

The third speaker, Patrick Schober a content marketing expert, underscored the crucial role of SEO and copywriting in creating team pages that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also discoverable by search engines. He provided a checklist for optimizing team pages for search engine results and offered insights into linking strategies, employee profiles, and calls to action.

Team Page Design

Meesha Gerhart began her presentation by introducing herself and her experience in website development since 2008. She emphasized her passion for using websites to convey a brand’s identity. Meesha also shared her entrepreneurial journey, including hosting a podcast for women entrepreneurs and being a mother during the pandemic.

Her main focus was on optimizing team pages for conversions. Meesha highlighted the importance of team pages as users often visit them before they convert to a website. She discussed the role of team pages in different sales funnel stages, from attracting cold leads to providing detailed information for those ready to convert.

Meesha provided insights into designing team pages, considering factors such as brand uniqueness, user needs, and company size. She presented examples of creative team page designs, emphasizing the importance of showcasing individual team members and their unique attributes.

She also stressed the need for clear contact information on team pages to facilitate user conversion. Meesha’s talk primarily focused on the design aspect of team pages, setting the stage for further discussions by the subsequent speakers.

Team Page Headshots

Chad Isaiah, a photographer and owner of Chad Isaiah Studios, discussed the significance of headshots in creating an effective Meet the Team page. He emphasized the importance of headshots aligning with the brand’s identity, whether for individuals, solopreneurs, or corporate teams. Chad presented examples of various headshot styles, from traditional professional to casual and fun, and discussed the impact of background choices.

Consistency in headshots was a key point, emphasizing the need for uniformity in size, lighting, and positioning significantly when expanding the team. Chad also highlighted the importance of achieving “likability" in headshots, where expression, confidence in the eyes, approachability from the mouth, and overall personality align with the brand’s message. He stressed the role of empathy, facial expression coaching, and using inclusive language to create a comfortable environment for those being photographed. Chad concluded by emphasizing the significance of skin tone accuracy in retouching and encouraged the audience to cons

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Optimizing Team Page

Patrick Schober, the founder of Poetica Marketing, emphasized the importance of SEO and copywriting in creating effective team pages. He discussed how SEO and copywriting contribute to three crucial aspects: site discoverability, visitor conversions, and branding consistency.

He highlighted the significance of defining your brand’s personality, values, and what makes your company stand out. Crafting copy that reflects these aspects is key to building an effective team page. Patrick presented examples from his own company’s team page, demonstrating how they used a friendly tone and showcased their professional but approachable image.

On the SEO front, Patrick provided a checklist to ensure the team page is optimized for search engines. He emphasized the need for a unique page title, an H1 tag, a meta description, and a well-structured URL that aligns with the page’s content. Patrick also discussed the importance of leveraging employee name recognition and linking to individual products and services pages to enhance keyword emphasis. This can lead to better search engine rankings.

In conclusion, Patrick highlighted the importance of integrating copywriting and SEO practices to create compelling and discoverable team pages that align with your brand’s identity.

In conclusion

The webinar explored the multidimensional nature of team pages, combining design, branding, photography, SEO, and copywriting to create a unified, engaging, and discoverable online presence. Crafting an effective team page is about showcasing your team’s expertise, building trust, and making a memorable first impression on your website visitors.

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