Media Press Kit

Meesha Gerhart

Meesha Gerhart launched Redtree Web Design in 2015, pursuing her passion for websites. In a short time, RedTree has become an award-winning agency serving businesses nationwide. This is a direct result of a growing women-led team and being authentic in their work. Redtree’s mission is to show businesses that representing their brands through a website doesn’t have to be complicated.

In 2020, Meesha and her wife welcomed their first child. Being a new mom, her passion started to grow from business to family and she started to see a shift in the workforce from women leaving jobs and starting their own businesses. Meesha launched a podcast called W.E. Talk where she talks to women entrepreneurs about their business journey to help inspire other women to start their own businesses.

Every day Meesha has a growing gratitude for the success and privilege achieved and hopes to help others achieve the same.

About RedTree

RedTree is a web agency specializing in crafting websites that effectively communicate brand identity and engage users. Based in Pittsburgh, PA, our organization is entirely women-owned, with a national leadership team that is 100% women-led. We specialize in UX and SEO for WordPress and Shopify, specifically focusing on partnering with B2B and eCommerce sectors. Over the past decade, we’ve helped businesses lay a strong foundation on the web, propelling them to new heights.