Data Analysis Consulting

Strategic Growth Through Data

Dig into your site’s performance and draw conclusions about your company’s online health—especially through Google Analytics, GA4, and Search Console.

Analyze your website’s user behavior—and make decisions that turn users into customers.

Strategize for the future by understanding today’s data, especially with our Google Analytics consulting services and similar offers!

Leverage real-time data streams through GA4, Google Search Console, and other sources.

Measure. Improve. Grow.

why redtree?


We’ve always prioritized data from start to finish (especially when it comes to making informed design decisions) for all of our partners.


We provide thoughtful analysis from GA4 (Google Analytics) and Google Search Console—and make recommendations on next steps.

Google Analytics Consulting

We dive deep in your site’s GA4 data to truly understand user behavior and page performance, then make recommendations based on that data!

Google Search Console Consulting

Through our Google Search Console analysis, we offer strategic guidance on website and SEO developments.