Brand-Led Optimization for Site Search & Ongoing Maintenance


Since 2015, Redtree has provided award-winning website expertise. Our specialty allows us to be your end-to-end website partner in branding, UX design, web development, SEO, and data analysis. Our goal is to help your business grow by partnering with you to help achieve your goals. 

B.L.O.S.S.O.M. stands for brand-led optimization for site, search, and ongoing maintenance. Beyond the meaning, it has turned into a methodology that each Redtree team member adheres to, which is how we can be agile in our deliverables while keeping the brand and users' goals on top of our minds. 

This methodology correlates to the success we see in the businesses we provide this service, which includes an average contract length of 2+ years, a 10% increase in leads, and a 30% increase in visitors to the website year over year. 

Our Methodology

Our B.L.O.S.S.O.M product to based on these central pillars:

Maximizing Impact

By focusing on 80/20 analysis (described below), we make more progress in a short amount of time

Continuously Learning & Improving

Sites are not static, and design can be dynamic based on data


We work with you to create the best website to represent and grow alongside your brand

The result is a website that is continuously evolving and built in stages according to various sources of website data. Features are then rolled out based on that data and team input.


The project will begin with an examination of:

Goals & KPIs

Goals & Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) — What is your business trying to achieve? What impact is the website trying to make, and why is it important? Who are your competitors?

Brand & Users

What is your brand differentiator? How is the voice of your brand being represented and received? Who are the people coming to your website, and who are you interacting with? 


Website & Analytics Audit — Quantitative analysis of your analytics data (as relevant) to determine how the audience is currently interacting with the website. Where are visitors dropping off? Where are current users having pain points? 


User Experience Research — Ask questions of representative Personas to help form a perspective of what website content will be more effective. 


Fundamental Assumptions — Based on the above results, certain baseline assumptions can be made about: value propositions, why visitors are coming to the website; where they're coming from; what the points of pain are. 


Global & Page Strategy — These baseline assumptions become the foundation for global and page-by-page-based strategies.


Brainstorm & Wish List — Coming out of the research phase, our combined teams should be able to formulate a comprehensive wish list of ideas and specifications around website pages, keywords, features, etc., for inclusion of the idea website.

Into Action

Once the Brainstorm Wishlist has been completed and an entire inventory of desired functional and feature inclusions have been identified, our combined teams will perform an 80/20 analysis (e.g., “What are 20% of the items that will make 80% of the business impact?") on that inventory of wish list items which we call our Primary Initiatives.

These items will be set aside and prioritized to identify the mission-critical items to the website and goals. At this point, the first sprint cycle will begin toward completing the Primary Initiatives. It will follow this basic workflow:

During the development cycle for the Primary Initiatives, efforts will be made to identify the data collection methods required for validation of our fundamental assumptions.


Once the Primary Initiatives have been completed, attention will be turned to the remaining wish list items. B.L.O.S.S.O.M. is a flexible solution that is truly brand led so we will work with you to fit in new initiatives and priorities.

Maximizing Impact

Wish List items will generally fall into one of four top-level categories:

Brand Messaging

  • Value Props
  • User Path
  • Differentiator
  • Voice


  • Content Pillars
  • Topic Clusters
  • Keywords
  • Emails
  • Publications

Improve UX

  • Navigation
  • UI Improvements
  • Mobile Experience

Data Analysis

  • Inbound Sources
  • Behavior Engagement
  • Visitor Path
  • Keywords
  • Tracking

Continuously Learning & Improving

Each sprint cycle contains Plan, Develop, Learn & Transfer phases.


Performance vs. goals to create priorities for sprints


Implement sprint activities and set up validation tracking

Improve UX

Validate or invalidate assumptions

Data Analysis

Transfer what was learned to improve & educate team


Redtree has built relationships with all our clients. As we work with your brand, we grow our relationship into a partnership where Redtree continues to think of your brand and share strategies and insights we are seeing in the industry and from our other clients.