T. F. Campbell Co.

TF Campbell HOmepage

TF Campbell was the first HVAC control distributor to open its doors in Pittsburgh almost a century ago in 1920.

The company prides itself on excellent customer service and an unmatched selection of controls and systems that they sell to contractors in commercial, combustion and residential HVAC. Recently, TF saw their industry transitioning to an ecommerce model, and we worked together to equip their website with this capability.

GOAL | Make User Experience Easier

TF Campbell’s target audience is very busy; they’re often servicing customers with malfunctioning heating/cooling units, and therefore need parts right away. Since the contractors know what they require, we made it easy to find specific parts using either a prominent homepage search function or navigation categories that filter to sub-categories.

GOAL | Create an Intuitive Flow for Purchases

The site is designed to help make purchases easier, so we built an intuitive user flow from start to finish. All products have pictures so they’re easy to “get” at a glance, and a quick shop window shows pricing and other information, including a datasheet link. With a clean layout, the “Add to cart” and “Buy it now” buttons are also easy to see.

GOAL | Integrate Seamlessly with Other Programs

Since the company has been in operation for almost 100 years, many of its sales, invoicing, shipping and fulfillment systems are well established. We integrated the new site with TF Campbell’s QuickBooksTM program to make purchases seamless. We also synced it with UPS shipping rates to automatically calculate and add shipping to purchases.

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