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Pennsylvania based Purpose Therapy Box has taken the popular subscription box model to the next level.

Creating a socially conscious business that delivers uplifting personalized gifts from families or well-wishers to seniors that may not receive many visitors, on a quarterly basis. Purpose Box partnered with us to optimize their online subscription portal.

GOAL | Streamline and simplify all tracking for Purpose Box

We built the site so that Purpose Box can easily track the purchasing process. Every user step is collected and organized in the backend. Through their customized dashboard, Purpose Box can see exactly who purchased the box, who is receiving it and what specific gifts are in each box.

GOAL | Create an easier purchasing and personalizing experience for visitors

To enhance the user experience, we took a step back and re-evaluated the entire purchasing process from start to finish. Working with Purpose Box, we designed a logical and streamlined user flow that allowed users to create highly personalized gifts for their recipients.

GOAL | Boost conversions

Better user flows deliver more conversions; with this new one, it’s easy to buy a box subscription. A customer chooses their desired Purpose Box, selects their billing cycle and answers a questionnaire on their recipient’s preferences. Customers also receive email reminders to send personalized photos and messages for a true personal touch.

GOAL | Develop a client portal (account) for customers to access and update

We also built a client portal, or account, for each user, so that they could track current orders, see past orders, update account information or modify their subscriptions, should they need to. This portal is simple and intuitive, and helps Purpose Box provide great customer service 24/7.

VIDEO | Purpose Therapy Box case study
Visit our YouTube channel for our full case study series!

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