Celebrating MakerDate 2023: A Night of Innovation, Learning, and Empowerment


Assemble’s MakerDate 2023 was a resounding success, made possible by the collective effort and generous support from sponsors, attendees, and the Pittsburgh community. This year’s event was a celebration of innovation, learning, and the unwavering commitment to empower the next generation through STEAM education.

Impact and Achievements

The email from Assemble revealed the incredible impact of MakerDate 2023. A total of $41,936 was raised, a significant achievement attributed to the support of various sponsors, including enthusiastic participation from the local community. This financial success not only reflects the event’s triumph but also underscores the continued support for Assemble’s endeavors.

Engagement and Outreach

This gathering welcomed 186 attendees, connecting 19 participants with skilled makers through an engaging auction. The event served as a platform for fostering connections and showcasing the power of creativity and hands-on learning.

Supporting Pittsburgh Community

The funds raised during MakerDate 2023 play a pivotal role in enabling Assemble to continue its vital programming for children and adults throughout Pittsburgh. The statistics from 2023 are particularly impressive, highlighting the significant outreach:

  • 2,971 people reached through Assemble’s diverse programs.
  • 61 kids benefited from free Afterschool STEAM programs during Spring 2023.
  • 154 kids engaged in STEAM Summer Camps to explore and learn.
  • 529 kids served through Offsite Programs, emphasizing the organization’s commitment to inclusivity and accessibility.

Keynote Address by Meesha, CEO of Redtree

Meesha, CEO of Redtree, encapsulated the essence of the event and highlighted the significance of supporting initiatives like Assemble. Her personal story, interwoven with her professional journey and her passion for creating spaces that empower women and encourage learning, resonated with the audience.

Empowerment and Inclusivity

Meesha’s emphasis on providing safe spaces for children to dream and learn without limitations highlighted the fundamental principles behind Assemble’s mission. Her call to support Assemble in their endeavor to build confidence through making struck a chord, emphasizing the importance of nurturing creativity, confidence, and inclusivity in education.


The success of MakerDate 2023 serves as a reminder of the power of community support in transforming the lives of young individuals and the significance of investing in education for a more empowered and innovative society. As Assemble and its supporters look forward to the future, their collaborative efforts will undoubtedly continue to make a profound and lasting impact on the lives of many.

Through initiatives like MakerDate and the ongoing efforts of Assemble, the journey towards inclusive and accessible education for all is not just a dream but a tangible reality for the Pittsburgh community.

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