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Oslin offer pumps, boilers, hydronic specialties, and system solutions for HVAC and plumbing applications.

Despite being part of a fairly traditional industry, Oslin was excited to explore innovative options for improving the online presence of their business.

GOAL | Improve the Sales Experience

Oslin’s salespeople field inquiries from prospective clients all day long. On an initial call, the majority of their time would be spent asking basic questions to understand the client’s needs. Why not employ the website to handle this information-gathering process? We designed an experience that guides potential customers through the initial sales questions and helps them to identify which product they need. The information collected gets sent to Oslin’s sales team so they can follow up with the customer.

This tool gathers information about the customer, streamlining the Oslin sales team's work!

GOAL | Greet the Guests

Oslin wanted to a way to interact with visitors that felt personable and helpful – like a greeter in a brick-and-mortar store. We settled on this friendly addition that checks in with guests after they’ve been on certain pages for a certain amount of time, and directs them to the Find A Product tool. And of course, once dismissed, he won’t bother you again!

Image of Oslin's Find a Product popup greeter for their website

A friendly face to make sure you're finding everything okay.

GOAL | A User-Friendly Blog

Oslin’s blog was under-utilized and lacking in helpful features like categories and search. RedTree revamped their “Newsroom" to include featured articles, filtering tools, and a layout consistent with their brand.

A friendly face to make sure you're finding everything okay.

GOAL | General Housekeeping

In addition to some of the bigger initiatives RedTree tackled on Oslin’s website, we also helped with a handful of smaller maintenance items, including:

  • Configuring SSL
  • Rearranging and sprucing up the homepage
  • Reorganizing the site architecture and flow to product & brand pages
  • Creating individual pages for Oslin’s four physical locations
  • … and more! The great thing about taking an iterative approach to redesigning a website is, there are always new improvements around the corner!

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