MFA Wealth

MFA Wealth wanted a Home page redesign, specifically an updated look with a minimal inside page update to match.

GOAL | Ride the momentum of advertising

As RedTree delved into the new website strategy, we identified a powerful opportunity: MFA Wealth was running a commercial for their services, so we incorporated elements of that campaign into the banners so that users coming from the ads would have a consistent and more seamless brand experience.

GOAL | Add warmth

The team at MFA Wealth wanted to double-down on their core differentiator: their people, so their new design leaned on the human side of the McMahon brand, incorporating rich visuals and lots of faces.

GOAL | Match and set trends

With a website refresh, MFA Wealth had the opportunity to catch up with web best practices and also to set a new bar for what a website can look like in their space. That meant incorporating more dynamic effects and video while at the same time delivering a mobile-friendly experience.

Check out our full design explanation in our Case Study video series.