DQE Communications

How We Increased Leads By 31% And Fixed A Major Communications Issue


DQE Communications Fast Facts

Industry: Telecommunications

Website: https://www.dqecom.com/ 

Location: Pittsburgh

Case Study Date: 2023-2024


Broken Website = Poor Sales Performance

When DQE Communications first approached us, they had a long list of website-related complaints. Some of their biggest problems:

  • They struggled to convert site visitors into calls, contacts, and sales inquiries. 
  • Their site was riddled with UX and design issues that hampered the overall experience, squeezed content haphazardly onto pages, and negatively impacted site visitors. 
  • Much of the site was built around DQE Communications’ interactive map for its service areas, but this tool presented two major problems: 1. It rarely worked properly. 2. Using the map didn’t result in a CTA, which meant DQE Communications missed out on a conversion opportunity every time someone actually used the map.

Finally, DQE Communications was searching for a true, consistent website partner to provide ongoing web support on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.


Introducing: The BLOSSOM Methodology

To tackle their widespread site issues, DQE Communications became one of the earliest adopters of BLOSSOM, our comprehensive, long-term approach to optimizing SEO, UX, and web design.

Specifically, our efforts targeted: 

  • The overall site UX to enhance layout and readability
  • Fixing the map widget to work consistently—and enhancing the CTA to immediately push people down the sales funnel when using the map
  • Enhancing the contact page to prioritize sales conversions instead of support issues

More importantly, the ongoing support of our BLOSSOM program meant they’d always have a dedicated team of website specialists monitoring their site for performance-related issues.


300% Form Completion Increase, 31% Lead Increase

After addressing the issues with the map and optimizing so much of the overall site and user experience, DQE Communications measured:

  • A 300% increase in map form completions
  • A 31% increase in leads
  • A 41% increase in traffic to their contact page

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