Why Good Visuals Matter

A picture is worth a thousand words. But why? When it comes to building a website, it’s not just what you say, but how you say it. Because a website’s conversation with customers takes place on a screen, “how you say it” often boils down to visuals – colors, graphics, and photographs. These elements work together to create a tone that can be immediately understood by the viewer. We’ve all seen imagery done poorly before: blurry, stretched out graphics, or corny stock photos. Here are three reasons why you shouldn’t phone it in on your website’s visuals.

Show what you’re all about

Studies show that people don’t read websites as much as they skim. We’re all in a hurry to find the information we need. High-quality photographs and graphics instantly communicate a baseline of professionalism that has the power to build a customer’s trust in your brand. From banner images to product photos, good website images tell the viewer what they need to know before they even start reading.

Illustrate complex ideas

Building on the fact that people usually won’t take time to read lengthy paragraphs on your website, images can communicate complicated ideas like business flows or product specs more easily than a wall of text can. Infographics, for example, can be a powerful addition to a website, using icons and graphic illustrations to explain how a process works. Plus, what’s more fun to read: a colorful chart that smartly organizes information, or five paragraphs of text?

Make ‘em feel something

Finally, imagery’s most amazing superpower is how it can evoke emotion in a viewer. Photos and graphics can shape the story that surrounds your brand and the associations customers have with it. A dog food company might choose an image of a cute cartoon puppy for its homepage, or a dramatically lit photo of a young boy hugging his faithful companion. Each creates a different emotional response – the former light and cheery, the latter serious and heartfelt. The images you select have an impact, so choose carefully.


So when it comes time to redesign your website or add a new page, don’t let photos become an afterthought. Harness their power for the good of your business.

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