What Makes a Good eCommerce Website?

What Makes a Good eCommerce Website? Featured Photo

There are a ton of things that make up good eCommerce web design services and we’re going to cover the most important ones from our series on eCommerce websites. These elements of eCommerce include heroes, good UX design, and different types of calls to action (CTAs).

Best Heroes for Your eCommerce Website

Heroes are the banner at the top of a website’s page, and they are a very important piece of your site’s page. The hero is what a potential customer sees on your site before they click, scroll, or take any action. The simplest way to intrigue your reader is to write a few concise words about your offering and why they should buy from you over anyone else.

The best heroes for an eCommerce website have good writing within the hero. The key to this is to include information about your brand’s differentiators. What sets you apart from other businesses? Why should a user buy from you instead of another company they’re considering purchasing from?

Besides the copy, be sure to include a button with a call to action (CTA)! The button should be the next place you want a user to go in your website. Be sure to incorporate the right language so people know where they are going. If they are going to Shop, include Shop; if they are going to digest more, include More. Get what we are putting down here?

eCommerce Homepage Best Practices

According to HotJar and a Siege Media study complete in 2023, “the average eCommerce bounce rate is about 54%.” This means that over half of your visitors who come to your site leave without making a purchase. You want people to fall in love with your site and brand. That way, when it’s time for them to make a purchase, they’ll come to you.

The best thing to do is follow eCommerce homepage best practices, which include brand specifics and working with your customers.

Brand specifics will help build trust with your potential customers. Eat PowerSnacks!, a vegan energy bar company, is made for kids by dads, which sets them apart from their competitors and also gives insight to the specifics of their brand.

And when you work with your customers, they know that you will take care of their questions and concerns. Building that trust is important, because it can lead to word of mouth (which is one of the most effective ways to get people to convert).

eCommerce Website Design Trends

In our recent article on eCommerce Website Design Trends, we talked about four recent design trends, and the two most important are mobile-first design and behavioral design.

Mobile-first design is important because it’s when a site is designed first for mobile users, and a lot of eCommerce shoppers use their cellphones to make online purchases.

Behavioral design is all about how users interact with your website. You want them to return to your site (and even tell their friends about it!), and a good way to do that is to clearly explain how your business will solve a pain point your users need to be addressed.

eCommerce Call to Action Examples

Earlier in this article, I mentioned Calls to Actions (CTAs), and they really help users know where you want them to go next or when ready, take an actionable step. Be selective with the amount of Calls to Action you have on one page; you don’t need the equivalent of an ambulance chaser feel on a web page.

Having a CTA in the hero on your website is a good idea, but here are a few more eCommerce Call to Action examples:

  • “Add to Cart” CTA: an easy way for people to add products to their cart
  • Your Story CTA: Including information about your company’s story lets people know why your company is the one they should purchase from
  • Newsletter & Social Media CTA: Potential customers may check out your social media to help them make a decision; they may also find your product through social media


So, what makes a good eCommerce website? There are several things, including Calls to Action, having a hero on your website, following eCommerce homepage best practices, and having CTAs in various places on your site. Ultimately, it’s the amount of conversions or people purchasing your products. If you’re having problems, contact us for more information on redesigning your eCommerce website.

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