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This week, we’re continuing to talk about eCommerce, from our previous topics of Best Heroes for eCommerce Website and eCommerce Homepage: Best Practices That Will Increase Click-Throughs.


Trends change every year (or, honestly, every few months), which makes incorporating them into your eCommerce website tricky. How will you know what trends will be around in a few months when you’ve just redesigned your website? There’s no way to know that, truthfully, but in this article we’re discussing four different types of eCommerce website design trends: mobile-first design, gradients, behavioral design, and visible borders.

Mobile-First Design

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It’s no secret that a lot of people shop directly from their phones, so a design trend in recent years has been to design an eCommerce site for mobile device users first, and then think about other users secondarily.

This involves designing everything based first on the dimensions of a mobile device rather than a laptop or desktop. In doing so, this appeals more to the mobile users that shop from your site on their phones rather than a laptop or desktop.


Gradients are eye-catching, which is part of why they have been making a comeback. They are creative not only for designers to create, but also for users when they are interacting with the website.

If you’re thinking about adding a gradient to your website, consider doing so in your brand’s colors. This ties everything about your brand and your site together.

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Behavioral Design

Behavioral design is one of 3 types of design (which also includes reflective design and visceral design) on a website. Behavioral design surrounds how users interact with your website; you want users to keep returning to your website, so it’s important to make sure they have a good experience.

An example of good user experience is having a clear explanation of how your business helps solve a pain point your users are trying to address.

Visible Borders

When it comes to your website, what kind of statement do you want to make? The statement you’re making influences how visible the borders you include on your site are. If you just want to separate information but not have the borders be too visible, thin borders are the way to go. And if you want to really make a statement, use thicker borders to separate the information and really capture your user’s eye.


Trends change, and there’s no way to know what they’re going to be in a few months. You can predict, but it’s tough to really know. In this article, we discussed four eCommerce website design trends that will make your site stand out in this half of 2023 (even more so than it already is). When it comes to eCommerce web design services, we’re here to help. Contact us for more information.

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