Success in Her Words: Beyond Women’s History Month

W.E. Podcast was created by Redtree's CEO Meesha Gerhart in a effort to share Women Entrepreneurs stories with other Entrepreneurs. Read more about the podcast »

In “Success in Her Words: Beyond Women’s History Month,” we continue to explore the rich tapestry of success through the narratives of extraordinary women entrepreneurs. This series goes beyond temporal confines to celebrate achievements that transcend traditional success metrics year-round.

In this episode, each story weaves together a unique vision of success, including:

1:08 – Leigh‘s dedication to empowering clients with impactful resources
4:13 – Nora‘s measure of success through the lens of help and impact
7:35 – Sophia‘s quest for peace in life’s journey
8:22 – Khalil‘s personalized peace definition
9:13 Jess‘s daily pursuit of passion and wins 

This podcast series is a testament to the ever-evolving definitions of success. It highlights the importance of finding peace, making an impact, and living purposefully. It invites listeners everywhere to reflect on their definitions of success, inspired by the wisdom and experiences of women who are reshaping the world through their ventures, visions, and voices.

Join us as we dive deeper into the conversations about success beyond the bounds of Women’s History Month to discover the diverse ways in which these inspiring women define and achieve their success. Whether you’re seeking motivation, guidance, or a sense of community, “Success in Her Words” inspires anyone to realize their own version of success.

About W.E. (Women Entrepreneurs) Podcast

W.E. is a podcast about and for women entrepreneurs. There are so many badass women worldwide killing it with their businesses! On W.E., our host Meesha Gerhart, found of Redtree, and guest Entrepreneurs sit down with these women and learn about how they got started, the challenges of starting and running a business, as well as the triumphs and unexpected joys.

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