From Creation to Selling: Business Metamorphosis with Pallavi Golla

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Join us for a captivating episode as we sit down with Pallavi Golla, the visionary behind the successful B2C brand, Lark. In this insightful conversation, Pallavi takes us through the dynamic journey of building Lark from an activewear brand for babies to its expansion into a comprehensive line for kids and women. The heart of our discussion revolves around the strategic decision to sell Lark.

Pallavi shares the intricacies of the business-selling process, shedding light on challenges faced, the importance of sustaining the business before selling, and valuable tips on finding buyers and working with business brokers.

Delve into the details of the deal structure, concerns about transitioning ownership, and the successful integration of new owners into the Lark community. Pallavi’s post-Lark journey, defying stereotypes associated with the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS), adds an enriching layer to this conversation. Don’t miss this compelling exploration of entrepreneurship, business transitions, and the resilience that defines a successful entrepreneur’s path.

About Pallavi Golla

Pallavi Golla is an entrepreneur and mother of two young boys. She is a 2x founder with exits within two different industries. In 2017 she founded Lark Adventurewear, an eco-apparel brand that uses an exclusive Softek bamboo-cotton blend that is chemical-free, UPF 50+ and super soft. The mission of the brand is to make life easier and more comfortable for busy families offering baby, kids and women apparel.

Over the past 6 years, Pallavi scaled Lark Adventurewear into a 7-figure brand with a large and loyal community of customers who loved Lark’s unique products. In December 2022, Pallavi sold Lark Adventurewear to strategic buyers and stepped away from the business after transitioning operations to the new owners.

After selling her last startup in 2022, she is focusing her next professional efforts on helping other business owners succeed and reach their full potential implementing a system called EOS (Entrepreneurial Operating System) as a coach, facilitator and consultant. The system has helped over 23,000+ privately owned businesses create stronger vision and traction, while building healthier teams. Ultimately, allowing leaders to achieve their goals whether they are related to exponential growth, exit plans or helping founders relieve their daily stresses as they build a scaling organization.

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