Empowering Language Access: A Journey of Social Entrepreneurship with Mary Jane McCullough

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In this enlightening episode, join us as Mary Jane McCullough, the visionary founder of Global Wordsmiths, takes us through her inspiring journey as a language services provider and social entrepreneur. Discover the roots of her business, driven by the mission to bridge language gaps for non-English speakers in Pittsburgh. Mary Jane shares invaluable insights into the challenges of securing funding for social impact initiatives, emphasizing the transformative power of profits in supporting their noble cause.

Explore the nuances of slow, steady growth in business and the speaker’s reflections on leadership, self-awareness, and continuous education. Uncover the intersection of technology and language in translation, as Mary Jane delves into the benefits and limitations of AI-driven solutions. Learn the importance of contextual understanding for accurate translations, where machines fall short of human comprehension.

In a candid conversation, Mary Jane opens up about achieving work-life balance, setting boundaries, and finding rejuvenation through travel. Discover the significance of solitude, self-awareness, and asking for help in her personal and professional life. Gain insights into her definition of success, centered around creating a positive workplace and advancing language accessibility. Mary Jane’s story is a testament to trusting instincts, overcoming doubts, and encouraging fellow entrepreneurs, especially women, to seize opportunities and prioritize cultural fit in their ventures.

Tune in for an episode filled with wisdom, encouragement, and the passionate journey of a leader making a significant impact in the world of language services. Mary Jane McCullough also extends a helping hand for skill development—listen till the end for her contact information and take the first step towards your language empowerment journey.

About Mary Jayne McCullough

Mary Jayne is the Founder and CEO of Global Wordsmiths, Adjunct Faculty Lecturer of Translation Technologies and Applied Translation in the MA of Global Communication and Applied Translation program at Carnegie Mellon University, and serves on the Board of Directors of the Alliance for Refugee Youth Support and Education. Mary Jayne sits on several advisory boards and committees to share her broad expertise in the field of language accessibility. Mary Jayne studied public service at the University of Pittsburgh and language translation & interpretation at the Universidad Autónoma Nacional de México in Mexico City and brings twenty years of field experience as a translator, community interpreter, and language accessibility advocate & consultant to her current positions at Global Wordsmiths and Carnegie Mellon University. She is driven and passionate, and has dedicated her career to advancing a culture of language justice.

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