What is Responsive Design? [Gallery]

Above is a photo that showcases 200+ laptops, tablets and mobile devices. How do you get content to fit into each one of these devices in order to maximize your impact?

Responsive Design

This is where responsive design comes into play. Think of responsive design like a ounce of water. If you pour that ounce of water into a cup, the water will conform to the cup it is in. If you take that water, inside the cup, and pour it into a tea pot then the water will conform to the shape of the tea pot. Again if we take that water and finally pour it into a vase then that water will mold to the size of the vase. The same logic is applied to responsive design, your content will “respond” to the screen it is in.

Now you may be asking “Meesha, how important is responsive design…really?”. Well my answer is… VERY!!!!!

Lets drop some stats on you

An article from Marketing Land: Mobile Devices Now Driving 56 Percent Of Traffic To Top Sites — Report says that 56% of traffic to the top 10,000 websites are mobile devices. If this wasn’t mind blowing enough for you just 2 months ago, in 2015 Q4, that percentage was on 49%.

Now here is the bomb

In April 2015 Google changed their algorithms (just a fancy work for computers trying to predict what a human would do) to give mobile friendly websites a higher ranking on a search result when done on a mobile device. So incase you missed all that google will rank you higher if you have a responsive website. Ultimately Google’s job is to provide a good resource to its users and with the increase in mobile use that is what they are doing.

So what does this mean for your business?

Basically, and excuse my bluntness, you are losing a lot of money! Think about it…your missing out on over 50% of potential clients who got frustrated and left your website. Mobile phone are not going away anytime soon. In this day and age we need to embrace the change instead of hoping it will go away.

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