The Progression of Interactive Graphics

Slowly movement has been made towards more in web graphics. More illustration, more animation, more video, more dynamic interactive content. This is the obvious path because as the ease of making such content increases, so does the output. Software is getting more advanced and user friendly, in turn allowing a wider production for graphic based animations.

Some may jump to this continuing the train of thought that “everyone is a designer”, but it’s only natural. This is the way of technology. Once difficult creations become easier to make, more will do so. However, there is no replacing the innate creativity and talent in those officially dubbed designers, so the fear of drowning in the ocean of amateur interactive design shouldn’t loom too large.

This is opening up the world of social media to the same end. Moving from text to text and photos, from photos to video, illustration, animation or ALL OF THE ABOVE. Increasingly on my Instagram feed I’ve noticed way more videos than photos and more and more animated illustrations. This was once a coveted graphic depiction limited to time intensive projects and ad campaigns, and now it’s all over Instagram? Fun, right? Fun. Right?


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