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An old vintage television set sitting on a stool in front of some dated wallpaper.

Here at RedTree we live, breathe and eat design. It’s in everything that we do because it is so important. I’ve been talking about the importance of keeping your website up-to-date for 3+ years. Three years ago this might have fallen in the “non-essential” list for most businesses but today this is vital for your brand to stand apart from the competition and build trust with users.

A while ago we came out with the Top 7 Mistakes people make on their website and at the very top of the list is outdated design. The design of your website speaks a lot about your brand and company. If it’s outdated, people will think that your company isn’t innovative or worse isn’t even in business anymore. If you’re not sure, there are two very easy things you should be doing TODAY.

Ask your users

The easiest thing to do here is to ask your current or ideal audience what they think of your website. If you want to ask your clients then create a simple 5-question survey to send to your customers. Be sure to keep it simple and ask open-ended questions. If you’re not willing to ask your customers, I get it; then ask a family member, a close friend or colleague what they think of the website. Sit next to them as they navigate through and ask them questions like, “What were your first impressions?” or “Would you hire me based on my website?”

Look at your competitors’ websites

Do a Google search for your product or service and see what your competition is doing on their websites. If you’re trying to look better than your local competition, then find a city that is bigger than yours and see what those companies are doing. For us, we always look in New York or California for companies providing web and application design services.

We understand that these two items, although simple, might take up a lot of your time. That’s where we come in. Let us, as an unbiased third party, ask your customers these hard questions and then give you a UX assessment on where you could improve.

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We know that your time is limited but taking your website to the next level is essential. Don’t branch out alone. Tap into our team of experts to keep your site ahead of the curve.

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