Building a Talent Business with Nontraditional Funding: Betsy Robinson’s Success Story

W.E. Podcast was created by Redtree's CEO Meesha Gerhart in a effort to share Women Entrepreneurs stories with other Entrepreneurs. Read more about the podcast »

This deep dive into Betsy Robinson’s entrepreneurial path reveals how she deftly navigated the complexities of founding and scaling Tier4 Group, an HR and talent acquisition powerhouse, with an innovative twist—funding its growth through strategic real estate investments.

From the initial spark at an NGLCC conference to the ten-year mark celebrating Tier4’s success, Betsy shares the pivotal moments, challenges, and strategic decisions that shaped her business.

The narrative spans Betsy’s bold move to leave her job post-marriage, her ventures into real estate to support the business financially, and her focus on creating a company culture that values diversity, innovation, and top-tier talent. It also touches on the impact of weather phenomena on business operations, emphasizing adaptability and resilience.

Through her story, listeners gain insights into the importance of networking, maintaining a clear focus, and the power of leveraging non-traditional funding sources to fuel business growth. Betsy’s journey exemplifies how entrepreneurial vision, coupled with strategic risk-taking and a commitment to excellence, can create a successful and sustainable business.

About W.E. (Women Entrepreneurs) Podcast

W.E. is a podcast about and for women entrepreneurs. There are so many badass women worldwide killing it with their businesses! On W.E., our host Meesha Gerhart, found of Redtree, and guest Entrepreneurs sit down with these women and learn about how they got started, the challenges of starting and running a business, as well as the triumphs and unexpected joys.

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