Insight Articles by Nina Musser

Using Animation Effectively on Your Website

It's important to carefully consider which elements on your site should animate. If everything moves, users can become confused, overwhelmed, or annoyed. Here are three questions to ask of your website animations.

Craft CMS: an alternative to WordPress

At RedTree we’re always on the hunt for new and better tools, because every website is a little bit different and every client has unique needs. We’ve relied on WordPress for years to create a wide variety of websites...

The Benefits of Mobile-First Design

Giving your site’s mobile experience more consideration can help to simplify and strengthen your website’s overall user experience. Here’s how.

4 Tips for a Faster WordPress Site

Did you know that website load times can affect your Google search ranking? Google has actually considered site speed a ranking factor for years, and these days it also includes mobile load times. So how can you speed up...

3 Tips for a Competitive Mobile Web Experience

If you still consider the mobile experience of your website as secondary to the desktop experience, think again. If customers can’t access your website quickly and easily on their phones, you might be losing business.

The Importance of Testing on the Web

It’s no secret among web developers that testing is important: between hearing the buzz of test-driven development spread through the industry, and living the experience of squashing critical bugs in production, we know the value of good quality assurance...

Why Good Visuals Matter

A picture is worth a thousand words. But why? When it comes to building a website, it’s not just what you say, but how you say it. Because a website’s conversation with customers takes place on a screen, “how...

The Joys and Struggles of Working Remotely

Working from home – everyone wishes they had that privilege, right? Roll outta bed, throw on some sweats, and start reading emails while the coffee brews. The dream! But anyone who has worked from home for any substantial period...

Intro to AMPs (Accelerated Mobile Pages) ⚡

Website speed is a topic we’ve covered before on the blog. Whether it’s why you should use browser caching or how to optimize your site’s images, we’re always talking about how to make our websites faster. That’s because website...

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