What Should I Blog About? [Gallery]

This might seem like a silly question to ask but I have a lot of clients who ask it. I’ve even found it difficult to come up with topics sometimes. I will think “Oh everyone knows that!” or “No one would be interested in that!” But in all reality people ARE interested and they don’t KNOW the simple things you do in your business.

Consider this when trying to write blog posts

What other interests would my audience have?

If you think about your target audience, what other interests would they have? It doesn’t need to be a direct link to your business but more of an added resource you are trying to provide for your clients. Don’t think of trying to sell but think of it more as trying to communicate.

Ask someone else what you should write…

If you can ask someone what they think you should write about, maybe they will have some insight into the simple things they would enjoy. I’ve found that we are very engrossed in our business and the simple things we have learned, we take for granted.

Every once in a while give something away for free.

This can help build the relationship with your audience. They feel connected to you and your business because, again, you are not trying to sell themm you are trying to help them. Now this wont be 100% free, of course. If you add in a simple lead generation form which asks for their name and email, this will help you stay connected with them again and again.

So what am I trying to get at?

Don’t take yourself so seriously. . .you are trying to connect with your audience not necessarily sell to them. If someone feels more connected to you, or your business, then they are more likely to buy again and again from you.

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