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Many different factors go into your ranking on search engines. One of the most significant ones is how quickly your website loads, which is also a factor in your overall website performance. We’ve all done it; we look for a service or product, and if the website takes too long to load, then we hit the back button and find the next business on the list.

It might seem overwhelming to tackle optimizing your websites speed, but there are a couple of things you can do to help your website’s load time.

Website performance knowledge is power

Before you even start you need to figure out where to begin. Several free online resources will run through your website and create a list of items to correct. This list at least gives you a starting point and a clear path to go down.

Google Page Insights

We use Google Page Insights daily. It gives your website a score on mobile and desktop plus a detailed list of optimization suggestions. We all know that Google is the most popular search engine out there so why wouldn’t you go to them and ask, “How can I improve my site?" Once you get your site to score 80 or above, your website is in the right place, according to Google.

GT Metrix

Much like Google, GT Metrix provides a grade and list of insights. They also include the area they are testing from and on what browser. You can re-run this several times, and each time it will use a different location or browser.

One of our favorite tools it offers is the waterfall. The waterfall shows you how long a specific piece of code, image or script takes to load. This way you can see if there is one item on your website that takes longer to load and slows down your site’s load speed.

Pingdom Website Speed Test

Pingdom will provide similar information to Google and GT Metrix, but the performance insights have a detailed list of the issues with a link to solutions. If you’re scoring low on a specific piece, they will tell you what the problem is and then link out Google developer tools to provide a solution.

The other huge difference Pingdom provides is the ability to test your website from a specific geographical area. If your business offers services locally only, people within your local area will be searching for you. So let’s say you’re a plumber located in Pittsburgh, PA, testing your load speed from New York is going to be better than testing from California.

Knowing about these resources is only half the battle. Taking what these resources provide and executing solutions may be hard. Some of these issues might be easier to fix than others, but we are here to help if you need it. Don’t branch out alone, get a free consultation.

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