The Ladies of RedTree

Recently RedTree has taken on a Project Manager and we are going through the slow but steady process of orienting her in the way we work. Notice that I used the pronoun her. I have recently noticed that the RedTree Web Design company of present is completely employed with women. This is not intentional; there have been several past employees that were men, but is the current state nonetheless. This realization occurred with surprise and pride.


Having worked in the past for various creative organizations and attended design school at the once all-female Chatham University, I have had the pleasure of never having to be in the minority in terms of gender in my workplace. However, I know that is not the case for many other women and especially in my current, more tech-driven industry.


The idealism of working with all women is more than having a constant supply of chocolate and always having tampons stocked in the bathroom. It is the freedom from societal norms that can otherwise feel restrictive. I often wear no make-up and never worry about what I am wearing. There is an ease among my co-workers when discussing projects, clients or current events, but most importantly, I never hesitate to speak my mind. If I have a question or constructive criticism or frank observation about processes; I know my input will always be heard and thoughtfully considered.


With Thanksgiving having just passed us by, I want to make a belated declaration of thanks to my (lady) co-workers. May we always remember to listen to and appreciate each other.


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