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With over 50 years of professional business experience,

Virgin Carpets is a family owned company operating in Pittsburgh and surrounding areas.

GOAL | Promotes Their Difference

With over 50 years of experience, Virgin Carpet wanted to showcase their legacy. We promoted their experience in the industry and their team more predominantly. So when visitors came to their showroom or visited the website they knew that they were getting a local company that they could trust.

GOAL | A Portfolio Like No Other

Virgin Carpet wanted to Showcases its products in a unique way. We created a sophisticated interface that supports their current branding but highlights products instead of cost. Keeping the focus more on the design we were able to show visitors how once individual flooring products could help bring together a room.

GOAL | A Design To Reflect Their Brand Essence

Their old website didn’t do Virgin Carpet any justice. Thinking about the complete customer journey their website didn’t reflect their professional showroom and their warm customer service. They wanted a new site that would showcase large beautiful photos highlighting the floors and showcases the latest design trends.

VIDEO | Virgin Carpets Case Study
Visit our YouTube channel for our full case study series!

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