The PT Services Group

The PT Services Group is an established, but growing appointment setting and data collection company that prioritizes a modern and sophisticated website that can keep up with their services and clientele.

GOAL | Audience-specific site experiences

It became clear early in the Discovery Phase that the PT Services Group’s new website needed to provide solutions for a myriad of different audiences.

To accommodate these unique visitors and their equally diverse goals, we limited the navigation on the homepage to top-level categories that would allow each audience to quickly self-identify their specific interest.

Once these top-level categories were selected, the user experience was tailored to achieve the ultimate goal set by the PT Services Group by eliminating distractions and site choices that didn’t apply to that unique user’s reason for visiting the site, adding value to the user experience while also increasing conversion rates for the client.

GOAL | Solidify position as innovative industry leaders

PT Services Group’s strong brand position allowed us to capitalize on their industry reputation as thought leaders. Minimalist design elements like using typography in place of graphical elements allows the user to focus solely on the content.

There is no better way to show that you know your audience than to use your wealth of experience to anticipate their needs and offer only the solutions they are looking for without the distractions of the things they don’t. Nothing breeds trust like a confident guide, and we wanted to deliver a website that matched the experiences of PT clients when they had face-to-face meetings.

GOAL | A site structured for growth

PT Services Group is focused on growing their organization by offering services to a growing number of industries.

Once the desired service is selected, users are able to focus on their industry and find industry-specific programs and customer testimonials to build trust and social proof.

By organizing the sitemap with those services as top level menu items, it allows for easy expansion on the site without major overhaul and redesign while still allowing for easy addition of new industries and industry-specific information.

Check out our full design explanation in our Case Study video series.

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