Partners in Medical Education

Founded in 1949, Partners in Medical Education (PIME), is a leading Graduate Medical Education Accreditation consulting company that provides consulting and online training.

PIME wanted to graduate from their inherited website to a one that reflected their industry prominence by emphasizing the strength of their services and by organizing their content for a better user experience.

GOAL | Merge the multi-site into one WordPress installation

We’re all about finding efficiencies. The current site was cumbersome to use and cumbersome to manage, so we streamlined the process by using WordPress to handle it all. Not only is the new site designed for an optimal user experience, but the back end is much easier to manage as well.

GOAL | Drive more consulting leads

To increase leads, we highlighted consulting earlier in the navigation process by adding a consulting section to the home page and creating a consulting spot at the top of the main navigation, so services could be seen at a glance. We also streamlined service descriptions and added a more prominent “Contact Us” form.

GOAL | Reorganize webinar content for easy finding and buying

We recognize how busy PIME users are, so we needed to make sure they could get their accreditation articles and online courses, STAT. By creating filters and searches for all articles and webinars, users can quickly and easily find and purchase their accreditation education resources.

GOAL | Make the blog articles a bigger draw

The blog articles are a great source of information for PIME users, and they had been relegated to back burner status on the previous site. By showcasing them on the home page, we can lead users to the posts more effectively.

Check out our full case study on our YouTube channel!

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