How to Stay Relevant

It’s easy to say that this is a strange time. Never has my generation experienced a pandemic of this nature, mostly due to this virus’ ability to spread so easily. Quarantine measures and the consequential economic downturn has affected almost every type of business. Most employees are working from home, restaurants are only allowing take-out, mandated social distancing of 6 feet – these are just a few adjustments to our everyday life, and that isn’t taking into account if you are lucky enough to still have a job.

Many of the companies still able to function have picked up on the importance of keeping up-to-date on the effects this pandemic is having on their clients. This helps keep their clients alerted and informed about changes to the way companies are doing business. It is a smart way to stay relevant in this confusing time when many businesses are simply fading away – and quite possibly may help them to really thrive once things start to go back to normal. The reason I say that is because from my perspective, if a company is able to provide helpful industry information centered around how the pandemic is affecting their customers and what they can do, that company is proving to still be of value and will continue to be used and remembered by their customers once the dust settles.

A few ways it has been done:

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