3 eCommerce Holiday Trends for Your Site to Follow in 2022

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Black Friday and the holidays are right around the corner! If you have an e-commerce site, here are three suggestions that will help you and your site this busy holiday season. These strategies will also help some of your long-term goals for SEO and email marketing.

1.) An Email Pop-Up

Add in an email pop-up on your site that says something like, “we’re offering a holiday/Black Friday discount, enter your email to be notified.” If you have room, add information about the previous years’ discount. Add this as soon as possible so that people who come to your site are aware of it.

This does a couple of things:

It helps your email marketing team, and helps remind people that you have a Black Friday sale that just came on.

You may be thinking, “I don’t want to tell anyone that we’re having a sale, because what if they come to the site ready to buy at full-price, but then they see that we’re having a Black Friday sale?”

Black Friday is two weeks away. No one is buying anything, they’re going to wait.

If anything, it’s more likely that people will be buying from your site once they see that you have a sale. That’s why it’s imperative that you add this pop-up two weeks before Black Friday.

Someone might be coming to your site to look at your products, take a look at reviews, and figure out what they’re going to buy on Black Friday. Putting that pop-up on your site two weeks beforehand is going to be a game changer because they already know what they’re going to be buying, but it might be nice to have a reminder.

2.) Designated Landing Page for On-Sale Items

You might be thinking, “I don’t need a designated page! All of my products are 15% off.”

It’s highly recommended that you have a designated page to drive traffic to and to explain what the sale is.

If your sale is complicated and you’re only offering a certain percentage off of certain products, then a landing page would be really helpful for your customers to figure out which on-sale products they want to purchase.

If you’re having a site-wide sale, it’s still really helpful to have a designated sale page.

Here’s why:

You can look at some of the data and, as someone clicks through your site, it gives them an easy place to drive traffic to.

If you have a web page banner that says “15% off” at the top of the page, it might not be big enough and noticeable enough, but by having a designated page, you’re going to have a specific page to drive traffic to.

Everyone who comes to your site wants to know about these discounts.

3.) Have Banners on Every Web Page

Make sure that these banners are visible on every web page.

If people come on one of the subpages or lower level pages, they still see the promo, and they can click on that top bar.

This is where your landing page comes into play.

People learn a little bit more about what sale it is that you’re offering by going to that landing page.


Looking for tips that will help your customers find your Black Friday/holiday sale? Firstly, put that email subscription pop-up two weeks beforehand. Secondly, create a designated landing page that will help you and your team track data. Lastly, make sure that a link to that landing page appears on every subpage on your site, and that it’s simple and elegant.

Good luck with Black Friday this year, and leave any questions or comments below!

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