Why you SHOULD Hire a Web Designer in 2018, or any year…

RedTree has a wide range of clients from one-person businesses to larger long-standing family-owned companies. Regardless of their “type”, they all come to us to create a website or update their current one. I realize this is obvious as we are a web design company, but that is a superficial description of what we provide for our clients. Our deeper give is an online extension of themselves or their shop or brand or service. We cultivate an e-commerce presence that enhances an already existing concept that our clients have previously generated and developed.

Let’s emphasize that in no way do we promise to be a one-stop-shop to make all e-commerce and online sales dreams come true. With Wix, Squarespace, Shopify and all of the other extremely user-friendly platforms that exist and are ever evolving, most brand new baby business owners can create their online image through dragging and dropping with their very own mouse. The acquisition of that type of client is not our goal at RedTree. We are not business advisors. We are looking for companies trying to enhance their brand. We want to collaborate in order to move a company forward.

There are more and more articles online advising fledgling companies to build their own sites. To instead invest in developing a solid business concept and structure over building an awesome website with the expectation of instant success and recognition. When said out loud this seems obvious and I agree wholeheartedly, but then RedTree has never pretended to be the answer to a businesses hopes and dreams of success. In short, if a business is looking to move to the next level then a web designer might be exactly what is needed.

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We know that your time is limited but taking your website to the next level is essential. Don’t branch out alone. Tap into our team of experts to keep your site ahead of the curve.

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