Carnegie, the Forgotten Town of Pittsburgh.

In the end of 2016, RedTree was looking to get an office. We didn’t know where exactly, but Carnegie was on the list. After finding a place in Carnegie that met all of our needs, we started to look into the community. We didn’t know much about Carnegie at the time, but the more we learned, the more we liked our new town.

In 2004, Carnegie suffered a flood caused by heavy rains from hurricane Ivan. Naturally, the flood caused a lot of damage to businesses and homes, but the Carnegie community never gave up. Instead they rolled up their sleeves and got to work. After a lot of hard work and resource utilization, Carnegie was restored and is now one of the most unique walkable communities in the Pittsburgh area.

These business owners and residents take great pride in their restoration efforts, and that was the kind of community we wanted to be a part of. After a little bit of settling in at the new office, we wanted to reach out and get involved. Even with all the support from local businesses, Carnegie was lacking the ability and opportunity for promotion. Surprisingly, but not really, they needed a website. Specifically, a single website to promote and announce all the businesses and events that are happening in Carnegie.

The community already had the content but needed a unique and simple user experience. We looked at some other towns that had town websites and found some aspects we liked and some we didn’t. We applied everything from a wide range of target audiences to a welcoming feel all into one website. We are proud to have worked with the Carnegie Community on this project and hope to have further opportunities to contribute in the future.

Carnegie Community’s main goals were:

  • To provide an appealing place for potential customers and business owners to check out what Carnegie has to offer
  • Give current residents and business owners a place to go to keep in touch with their community and other businesses
  • Inform the community and the rest of Pittsburgh of the goings on in Carnegie
  • Provide a portal for local business owners to showcase their business



Visit their website:

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