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New Search Console from Google

By Posted in - Web Optimization on January 31st, 2018 0 Comments

A few months ago Google announced the release of a new beta version of their Search Console. Google’s Search Console is an excellent resource for me as I’m trying to notify Google of a change, get insights into search terms or troubleshoot issues with indexing or ranking. So when Google emailed a couple of months ago, about the new version, I instantly threw my nerd hat on and went to explore the update. Not only does it have an updated user interface design, which was much needed, but it also has a lot more data and tools.

Below are some features that the new Search Consol provides that will give us better insight into your business’ website

Search Performance

New Feature: Up to 16 months of data
Seeing a range from 3 to 16 months helps us know long-term trends vs. short-term flukes

Index Coverage
Exactly as it sounds this is where we find the index, aka sitemap, to a site along with errors that might occur like 404 errors or broken links. This new interface helps us do primarily four things

  1. Investigate mistakes based on specific URLs and the insights about that page
  2. Sharing the page or issue with our team
  3. Quick notification of resolved issues
  4. Investigation of submitted sitemaps to focus on the right URLs

It’s not 100% perfect, and Google has even said it isn’t, but it’s in a much better place then it was before. Slowly over the year, Google will be migrating elements from the old Search Console over to the new.

Images courtesy of Introducing the new Search Console

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