We Are RedTree

About RedTree Web Design

RedTree is a web design company located in Pittsburgh, PA. We specialize in designing, building, maintaining and marketing businesses on the web. Our main goal is to help grow your business’ digital footprint.

Our Growing Web Development Team

Meesha Gerhart


Meesha Gerhart has been designing, creating and developing websites for the last 10 years. She started RedTree with the vision to be able to provide a good quality service to businesses that need it the most. When she isn’t trying to predict where the web is taking us next she enjoys wing night with friends or catching up on Shark Tank.

Marshal Carper

Content Marketer

Marshal Carper is obsessed with creating engaging content. Books, websites, video games, podcasts—he has spent 10 years helping brands grow through comprehensive and engaging content strategies. Away from the keyboard, he trains fighters, hangs out with his cat, and kayaks.

Alicia Scheiferstein

Head Designer

Alicia left the art gallery world to pursue a master’s in interdisciplinary design. From print to websites to film, she tries to expand her design knowledge to include as many fields as possible in order to create comprehensive and socially relevant designs. Her favorite place to be is reading in her courtyard, but if she’s not there, try the local coffee shop.

Debbie Clinton

Administrative Director

Debbie is the glue that holds RedTree together. From website maintenance to human resources to managing the day-to-day business functions, there isn’t much that she doesn’t do for us. Debbie is also a professional proofreader which is an asset to our clients. She is the proud mother of three young men and enjoys crocheting, playing the piano and watching any Pittsburgh sports team.

Kali Flower

Support System

Kali is our office support system. Most of the time she sits quietly in her corner and sleeps but other times she is up, traveling around the office checking up on everyone (aka getting petted). If you ever get to visit the office, you will be welcomed by a wiggling puppy who can’t wait to get loved.