Solution Based Sales for Design Firms with Julie Gulick

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Julie Gulick has a wealth of knowledge about how to focus on providing solutions to the needs and problems of their clients. Get your notepad for this one!

About Guest

Julie began her career as an design engineer of ultrasonic transducers before moving into upstream marketing at MEDRAD, McKesson and then Philips Respironics, leading marketing efforts in new product development teams to develop new products in the medical device and services industry.

Julie’s most recent role was as program director at Philips HealthWorks in Cambridge, Massachusetts, a startup incubator, where she helped Philips’ transformation in digital healthcare.

Julie is currently the President & CEO of Bally Design, a graphical user interface and industrial design firm in Pittsburgh.

Julie holds BS and MS degrees in Ceramic Engineering from Penn State University and an MBA from Katz Graduate School of Business at the University of Pittsburgh with an emphasis in finance and marketing.

In her spare time, Julie enjoys the symphony, reading, camping, hiking, fishing and just being in the great outdoors.

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About W.E. (Women Entrepreneurs) Podcast

W.E. is a podcast about and for women entrepreneurs. There are so many badass women worldwide killing it with their businesses! On W.E., our host Meesha Gerhart, found of Redtree, and guest Entrepreneurs sit down with these women and learn about how they got started, the challenges of starting and running a business, as well as the triumphs and unexpected joys.

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