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In 1988, the Kefalos brothers, Nick and Chris, established Kefalos & Associates. Since then they have grown from managing just one condo to over 750 units.

Their years of proven experience have made them leaders in their industry. Working with Kefalos & Associates was a true pleasure, we were excited to take their website to the next level to highlight their expertise.

GOAL | Enhancing User Experience

With the new imaging, we had a lot of new UX updates. We made sure that font colors and imagery were all consistent with their brand, while also introducing modern web trends.

GOAL | Establishing and Executing an SEO Plan

To improve Kefalos & Associates SEO rankings, we identified the best keywords and integrated those into titles, meta descriptions, and body copy. Once we finished with the website, we wanted to carry these same updates over to local listings by creating some backlinks to help Kefalos & Associates’ organic ranking by that much more.

GOAL | Establishing Trust

When it comes to buying, renting, or managing; we knew users need to find someone they could trust. In order to accomplish this, we brought in a photographer to take new lifestyle headshots for the team, as well as, unique around-the-town photos to showcase how the Kefalos & Associates team was not only personable, but also local.

A man walking in front of a mural of birds.
VIDEO | Kefalos & Associates Real Estate case study
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