Jackie Group

Jackie was looking for a modern one-page website that beautifully displays her skills and stays within the aesthetics of her industry.

GOAL | Emphasize the brand over services

The Jackie Group provides a wide range of public relations services to their clients, but instead of focusing on specific services, they wanted to engage prospects on a deeper level. We developed content that talked about the benefits of working with the Jackie Group to differentiate them from their competitors and to connect with the right kinds of potential clients.

Responsive layouts of website
GOAL | Highlight expertise

To show that the Jackie Group has served a range of top-tier clients, we developed a section for their partner companies and their unique public relations process. These sections used a blend of content and design to quickly and impactfully convey the caliber of experience that the Jackie Group brings to their work.

GOAL | Communicate warmth and innovation

In the sectors where the Jackie Group typically works, the emphasis on technology can make businesses come across as cold. The Jackie Group brings humanity to technology, helping clients make meaningful connections with their audiences, so we developed a design that had the elegance of a technology innovator and the warmth of a community-builder.