Hungry For Time

Hungry for Time is a complex eCommerce website that allows customers to have full access to their accounts and new customers to have the opportunity to investigate all the services offered.

GOAL | Deliver an incredible membership experience

In order to best serve customers, Hungry for Time wanted to create an all-encompassing membership portal that incorporated client-specific logins, profile information for food preferences, shipping and container options, credit card processing, and full listings of weekly and customizable meals. Building this platform meant careful consideration of user experience (UX) and extensive testing.

GOAL | Streamline client management

With multiple customers to serve and hundreds of meals to prepare each week, Hungry for Time needed a reliable system and process for accessing and exporting customer information so that the cooking team can prepare and deliver the meals quickly and efficiently.

GOAL | Implement robust subscription system

As part of their business model, Hungry for Time needs to process automatic monthly charges for meal services as well as one-time payments for catering services. This level of customization gave the business more control over the customer experience as well as the flexibility to add and modify products or services.

Responsive layouts of website

GOAL | Automate customer communication

To simplify customer communication, we developed a sophisticated email notification system that alerts members when meals need to be set, confirms when changes have been made, and sends reminders three days and one day before meal approvals are due. This reduced much of the work Hungry for Time had to do by hand and helped to keep customers engaged.

Responsive layouts of website

GOAL | Increase customer conversions

To attract and retain customers, the whole of the Hungry for Time experience is designed to convert first-time visitors and to retain users. In addition to the portal, subscription platform, and email functionality, we designed a layout optimized for sales, using a eye-catching visuals and strategically placed call to action elements.

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