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W.E. Podcast was created by Redtree's CEO Meesha Gerhart in a effort to share Women Entrepreneurs stories with other Entrepreneurs. Read more about the podcast »

Our guest Amanda talks to Meesha about how thier company Hike2 is focusing on innovation.

About Amanda Wodzenski

With over 20 years of experience in CRM systems, and a decade in the Salesforce ecosystem, Amanda Wodzenski brings an unrivaled level of expertise to her role as founder and managing principal of HIKE2, the innovation consultancy focused on collaboratively enabling organizations to design viable cross-functional solutions.

Amanda has built teams of designers, strategists, and technology experts to drive HIKE2’s goals of helping organizations compete and thrive in a modern market through unrivaled digital transformation and customer engagement.

Through her past experience contributing directly to growth and expansion, she advised clients on strategy and design, sales enablement applications, data analytics, and artificial intelligence engagements. She also supported transformation engagements for clients across manufacturing, technology, and healthcare verticals, and more.

After spending her early career in sales and marketing, she moved into leadership roles leveraging CRM and emerging technologies to drive business transformation. Ultimately, she turned her passion for CRM and technology transformation into a career.

The mother of three boys, Amanda also cites travel, missions, and yoga as her personal passions.

Connect with Amanda

Social: @CRMastermind

About W.E. (Women Entrepreneurs) Podcast

W.E. is a podcast about and for women entrepreneurs. There are so many badass women worldwide killing it with their businesses! On W.E., our host Meesha Gerhart, found of Redtree, and guest Entrepreneurs sit down with these women and learn about how they got started, the challenges of starting and running a business, as well as the triumphs and unexpected joys.

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